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I recently did an inner child healing with Jennifer and it was amazing. Jennifer made me feel very comfortable with her nurturing and calm energy. During my session, I was able to release some negative energy that I had carried with me since childhood. Jennifer is very gifted and I look forward to working with her again!
Tara Ward
I always really enjoy my Life Coaching sessions with Jennifer, I look forward to each and every session. Jennifer has this presence about her that is healing and comforting. She has the ability to guide you through painful memories with grace, you can actually feel you are in a safe place. I find myself to opening up and really getting to the core of what is causing me grief. Old learned patterns have been identified and the feeling of being stuck in those painful times has been released. The progress I have made since working with her has changed my life. Thank you Jennifer for being the beautiful soul you are.
Dustie L Smith
Yes! Jennifer's Inner Child Tarot reading was very accurate and gave me actionable information to live my best life. I also had an inner child healing session and it was one of the most profound things I have ever experienced. Jennifer is so knowledgeable and gentle that she makes you feel comfortable right away. I cried many cleansing tears and cannot thank her enough! I highly recommend Jennifer!!
Sherry Scott Hedden
I highly recommend Jennifer, her gentle manner creates a warm and trusting atmosphere that allows her to effectively guide you through a healing session bringing you to a sense of peace.
Beth Bigalow
I had an inner child healing session with Jennifer. Her energy is so calming and she explains the process as it unfolds which I truly appreciate, since I have never done this kind of healing. I have done some inner child work myself and I am also an energy healer but working with Jennifer was the deepest healing I had ever experienced. She guided me with gentleness and ease, allowing me to really acknowledge what my inner child has needed all these years, a voice. I am so truly grateful to Jennifer for her amazing energy and work and facilitating and helping me with my own inner healing. Jennifer is so compassionate and always creates a safe and sacred space during each healing session. Her love and compassionate energy have allowed me to completely open up to her and trust the process of healing. I now see Jennifer as a true friend, an angel sent to me, to guide me to becoming more authentic to my true self.
Nicole Grimes
Jennifer is such a pleasure to work with! I received an Inner Child Healing Session with her, and am amazed at the powerful, yet comfortable, thoughtful and compassionate healing setting she created for me and our session together. She brings her knowledge and deep care to help you heal what you are going through to her sessions. I felt guided, protected and sincerely cared for throughout. This was my first inner child healing session and I let Jennifer know this before we started. She walked me through the process with ease, clarity and a mindfulness to where I am in my healing process. After our session together she sent me healing Reiki to help absorb the new energy from our session with ease and grace, which helped immensely! I am so grateful for receiving Jennifer's healing and recommend her to anyone looking for clarity, healing or balance in their life. Thank you Jennifer!
Rachel Falconer
The inner child card reading I received from Jennifer was spot on. I will be able now to take this information and heal those areas of my past that were revealed. Thank you Jennifer.
Jayne Forsberg Lowe
Jennifer is an extremely talented and intuitive healer. She gently guides you with her soothing words and has the ability to 'unearth' hidden gems and shine a light upon them for true healing to begin. I highly recommend her.
Carol Koop Lang
Jennifer gave me a very factual and accurate tarot reading and it was spot on relating precisely to my current situation. Having never dealt with my inner child, it was nice to hear that there is synchronicity happening. I recommend you try this, especially if you have inner conflicts and have no idea what is causing them.
Toni Antoinette
I recently had an inner child reading by Jennifer and wowsers was it on the money!! Very insightful and helpful to heal and move on from some childhood traumas that followed me into adulthood!! Treat yourself to some healing and get a reading from her!!
Marcia Mccormick
Jennifer gave me an inner child tarot reading that was so full of love and truth that I could literally feel my inner child reach out and hug my heart. She has a very beautiful gift, I feel she is a powerful and compassionate healer. Thank you Jennifer!
Maricarmen Pijem
I received an inner child reading from Jennifer and I was beyond amazed. She validated feelings that I even forgot about from my past that were repeating patterns in my current reality. I was able to validate, forgive, and release these feelings. I am so grateful that Jennifer shined a light on my inner child, she was so spot on. It is such a freeing, healing experience and I feel more empowered and truly lighter. Jennifer is such a sweet and beautiful soul, what an amazing healing experience.
Kristen Muller Numen
Jennifer is truly gifted! I received an inner child reading and wow was it spot on! I was blown away at the accuracy! I highly recommend working with Jennifer and receiving all of her wonderful insights.
Lora Parsons Wilson
I highly recommend Jennifer! When her compassionate soul coaching session was recommended to me by a close friend, I decided to give it a try. I was apprehensive before the session because it's not easy to talk about certain things in life with just anyone but after opening up my Zoom meeting, I was instantly relieved and much more at ease. Jennifer has such a gentle way about her and is so easy to feel comfortable with. Her session was fantastic and I felt uplifted and less heavy, having been able to focus on certain aspects of life that can be difficult. The compassionate soul coaching session was amazing and I lost myself in the tapping process that I was doing as well as listening to Jennifer's soft gentle guidance. I cannot say enough good things about Jennifer and I would absolutely recommend her to anyone looking for some help and support and a release from things mentally holding you down.
Djen Vogt
My inner child reading with Jennifer resonated with me a lot. The information she gave was new but it confirmed other information I had received prior. The insight provided in this reading gave confirmation that I was headed in the correct direction. As well as gave me things that needed my attention for growth.
Kimberly Stinnett
Jennifer's calming presence helped me talk about the hard stuff, opening up was easy and I highly recommend it from the get go. Once I realized her technique and her energy worked, I couldn't wait for another session. Relax and trust, she is so genuine and authentic to work with. Thanks Jennifer !
April Kinnett
Jennifer is an amazing intuitive life coach. When she gives you a session it feels as if you have known her for years. She is very caring, loving and sincere. You know that when you are talking with her that she is truly there to help you. Jennifer is very inviting and an extremely good listener. Having sessions with Jennifer always makes me feel safe, and I felt like I am allowed to open up. Jennifer is a wonderful healer. She will help you be the best version of yourself.
Trista Crist
Jennifer Nieto is a great practitioner! She was able to put me at ease immediately during our sessions. I appreciate her genuine caring and support. She is skillful and intuitive and knowing how to help me heal those emotions and experiences that have been holding me back. Jennifer has really helped in my personal growth and I recommend her highly.
Teressa Freyberg
Jennifer gave me one of the most remarkable readings at a crucial time in my life. I am grateful I met her and got a solution to my life when I needed it. Try her, you won't be disappointed.
Kamladevi Sharma
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